Vikash Singh

Vikash Singh

Hi, I'm Vikash Singh.

I work as a Software Engineer @ Google.

I like helping people solve their problems. This has earned me over 10,000 reputation on @Stackoverflow and over 1.1 M people reached :)

My Open Source Projects:


FlashText can search and replace keywords from text really fast. The algorithm is independent of number of terms. Hence the more number of terms we have in corpus the faster FlashText is in comparison to Regex. The repository has over 2700 Stars :) (Have you stared it yet?)

I have published a paper on FlashText

I published a blog post on FlashText which got over 15K claps on Medium :)


GuidedLDA is a modification over simple LDA model. In this implementation we can seed topics. This is used to create topics as per user understanding. The repository has over 100 Stars :)

I published a blog post on GuidedLDA which got over 700 claps on Medium :)

Things I do other than coding:

I love sketching, listening to music and Blogging.

I'm always available to discuss Machine learning, AI, Space, Physics, Animated movies. Let's catch up over Tea, drop me a line.